With respect to its private equity investments, Crosswind's methodology is to extract value from assets whose profit potential is uncertain and not easily understood. Holding to our philosophy of patience and discipline, our singular goal is to capture superior long-term rates of return.

While many other private equity firms invest their capital with an eye towards the next quarter, we look deeper into the future, transforming troubled assets into holdings with realizable value.

The Company's private equity strategy is built on four principles:

Create diversified investment capability in its core industries
Adhere to disciplined acquisition pricing criterion
Amass a network of professionals around the country to source
Focus on positive cash flow and net income, as opposed to speculative
valuation metrics

The firm takes an active analytical and strategic role in the development of its investments. Crosswind also typically works in close partnership with carefully selected management and operating teams to provide the necessary localized professional and skills to deliver investment results. After making any investment, Crosswind’s ongoing asset management continues the same course of pre-acquisition detail and diligence that is required to realize its intended objectives.

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