Crosswind's private equity strategy focuses on U.S. based middle market real estate or oil & gas assets in various stages of maturity that evidence significant financial undervaluation, and potential for profitable growth.

Our strategic emphasis is to build a diversified portfolio of cash flow generating assets across a variety of industries. The firm traditionally completes only those transactions where it effectively acquires a controlling interest in the targeted asset. In every case where the firm makes a direct investment in an operating entity, we require the operating management team to hold an equity and financial stake in the enterprise to appropriately align stakeholder interests. It is a deeply held principle of our firm that a company's management should share in the risks and rewards of their endeavors.

We avoid widely marketed public sales. The firm directs its efforts and resources on privately negotiated transactions where the buyer competition is less intense due to unique structural or economic challenges. Within the real estate and oil & gas sectors, we are receptive to U.S. based opportunistic situations regardless of product type.

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