The firm believes that there is no one optimal method for structuring a private equity investment. Each situation has its own unique challenges and requirements, and we are as flexible as conditions demand.

In its private equity real estate and oil & gas strategies, Crosswind has the capability to execute complex transactions, both within and without the federal bankruptcy, state foreclosure, or other insolvency processes. A transaction can be effected in a number of ways, including senior (preferred) equity, re-capitalization, convertible debt instrument, traditional equity, or purchase of existing creditor position.

In addition to working directly with the incumbent management and principals of operating or asset owning companies, Crosswind targets undervalued or troubled instruments that are held by banks and other financial institutions, non-core units of existing enterprises, as well as public and private holders of various types of distressed equity and debt securities.

While we are selective, and will choose only a handful of investments each year for our oil & gas and real estate portfolios, the firm will move rapidly to capitalize on opportunistic and special situations.

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